TN5000 Series High Frequency Online UPS


The TN5000 series is high-frequency online UPS. Adopts advanced DSP digital control technology to effectively improve product performance and system reliability. small size, light weight and high work efficiency. Effectively solve power problems such as power cut-off, utility high voltage, utility low voltage, voltage instantaneous drop, amplitude reduction, high voltage pulse, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation, provide best power environment for load.

TN5000 High Frequency Online UPS

Application Field

Widely used in the communication industry billing center, communication base station, banking outlets, ATM and network office environments of securities, transportation, electric power, industry.

Product Performance

  • Double conversion online design, zero output transfer time.
  • Adopt DSP digital control, excellent performance indicators, more stable and reliable.
  • Using active power factor correction (PFC),  input power  factor is 1, reduced pollution to grid.
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range, input voltage up to 210V instead of turn to battery power
  • Input frequency range 40 ~ 70Hz, support various fuel generators
  • With LCD+LED real-time display, UPS operating available for Detection.
  • With self-diagnosis function, can detect hidden faults of UPS
  • With AC input over-voltage, low-voltage protection, output overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, battery under-voltage warning protection and battery overcharge protection.
  • The machine efficiency is up to 90%, can reduce loss of UPS and saving user cost.
  • Cold start by battery without grid Input
  • With input neutral line and live line detection function, avoid the reverse connection of UPS utility input
  • When the utility cut-off, the UPS will discharge until shutdown in battery mode; when the city power recovery, the UPS can be automatically turned on and the battery charged as unattended function.
  • N+1 parallel redundant design, available for 3 parallel connections, greatly improving system reliability.
  • Standard RS232 communication outlet, connect UPS and computer to realize multifunctional and multi-purpose monitoring and management operations, available SNMP card (optional) to UPS remote monitoring function.

Technical Specifications