TN9335 Series High Frequency Online UPS


The TN9335 series UPS is three-in, three-out/three-in single-out high frequency online UPS. The product capacity covers all power range from 10kVA to 80kVA, which is convenient for users to configure flexibly. This series of UPS can solve almost all power problems, such as power outage, city power high voltage, city power low voltage, voltage drop, amplitude reduction, Power problems such as high voltage pulses, voltage fluctuations, surge voltages, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, and frequency  fluctuations.

TN9335 High Frequency Online UPS

Application Field

The TN9335 series is the best choice for data centers, network management centers, and enterprise server rooms in various industries or fields such as telecommunications, finance, transportation, government, manufacturing, and energy.

Product Performance

  • Three in three out / three in single out UPS The series is a three-in and three-out UPS. The input current is three-phase balanced, which can equalize the load of the three-phase power grid; the output can be changed to single-phase output.
  • Digital control         
  • All parts of the UPS are digitally controlled. The UPS has excellent performance indicators, high system stability, self-protection andfault diagnosis capabilities, and avoids the risk of analog device failure, making the control system more stable and reliable.
  • The number of external batteries is optional (±16/18/20 sections are optional)
  • The number of external batteries for this series of UPS can be selected according to the user’s needs: ±16/18/20 knots.
  • Charging current can be set. This series of UPS automatically assigns a reasonable charge current by setting the user-configured battery capacity. Constant voltage charging mode, constant current charging mode and floating charging mode can automatically and smoothly switch.
  • Intelligent monitoring function This series of UPS can realize remote monitoring of UPS when an optional SNMP card is selected.
  • Smart charging method. This series of UPS uses an advanced two-stage three-stage charging method. The first stage is high constant current charging, quickly recharge about 90% of the power; the second stage of constant voltage charging, can activate the battery characteristics and fully charge the battery; the third stage is floating charge mode. This can balance the goal of fast charging and extending battery life, saving users’ battery investment.
  • LCD display This series of UPS uses LCD and LED dual display, which allows users to more intuitively understand the working status and operating parameters of the UPS such as input/output voltage and frequency load capacity, battery capacity and internal temperature, so that all operations can be seen at a glance
  • EPO Function. An emergency shutdown (EPO) button  is embedded on the UPS unit panel, user can externally connect the EPO button. Press the EPO button in an emergency to shut down urgently; and have a remote emergency shutdown (REPO) function.

Technical Specifications