Ever since its integration on 2002 INVT has committed itself to providing advance and supreme back up power and technology equipment, and exceptional service to the market. Its power solutions offering cover a wide range of the world of advance technology, from IT, to network power, and to rail transit. The experience acquired by the company from this spectrum of business establishes INVT’s steadfast position in the power solutions industry.

With INVT’s continuous stride towards providing exemplary products and services, and improving their already outstanding performance the company secured various certificates, awards, and patents. These recognitions prove that INVT has globally accepted work and manufacturing process, high-caliber products, and unique designs and/or innovations.

INVT has presence in over 80 countries through its 8 overseas branches which serves as the company’s sales network. This strategy made INVT accessible to everyone who are in need of reliable back-up power system.


 First  laboratory in the industry that was awarded the ACT qualification from TÜV SÜD, UL-WDTP, and CNAS National Lab

Recipient of certificates from TÜV CE GD20, UL Laboratory, CNAS Laboratory, OHSAS18001:2007, ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015

Awarded the Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan for the mastering of key technologies in power electronics, auto control, and IT

12 Research and Development (R&D) centers

Acquired more than 1,300 patents for unique designs and innovations