**Courtesy of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. & Westlake Philippines**

For  over  sixty  (60)  years  Westlake  has  tirelessly  manufactured  and  supplied  world- class quality tires to customers from all around the globe. As proof that Westlake is of  premium  quality,  it  has  been  included  in  2020’s Top  15 Tire  Manufacturers  in  the world.  (Source: https://www.tyrepress.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Leading-Tyre-Companies-150720.pdf) To  effectively  capture  the  market  from  various  countries,  it  has  strategically  placed offices  in  these  locations:  Frankfurt,  Germany,  California,  USA,  São  Paolo,  Brazil,  and Thailand.

Westlake  has  a  comprehensive  product  line  that  caters  to  various  vehicular  usage, our Westlake line can answer to your passenger car tires, light and heavy truck tires, agricultural tires, and to other tire requirements. It is an integral part of the company to  always  produce  high  caliber  products  so  it  applied  for  several  globally  renowned certificates,  and  Westlake  successfully  acquired  the  nod  of  these  international organizations. The  certifications  are  as  follow:  ISO  9001:2006  Quality  Management System,  ISO  14001:2004  Environmental  Management  System,  China  Compulsory Certification  (CCC);  the  pioneer  in  tire  manufacturing  in  China  to  receive  this certificate),  Economic  Commission  for  Europe  Certification  (ECE),  Department  of Trasportation  Certification  (DOT),  General  Certificate  of  Conformity  (GCC),  SNI Certificate  of  Indonesia,  The  National  Institute  of  Metrology,  Standardization  and Industrial Quality (INMETRO), and SmartWay Certification. 

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