For over 23 years OUTDO BATTERY has been manufacturing superior AGM and gel type batteries which are exported and sold around the world. These batteries are mainly used in telecom cellular base sites, telecom equipment central offices, telecom equipment street cabinets, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and other standby power supply applications.


As a response to the shifting direction of the industry, especially the telecom industry, to a more sustainable and efficient back up power supply OUTDO has started to produce its own line of Lithium Ion (LiIon) batteries. Its in-depth experience in the back up power supply business and its world-class standard manufacturing process and facilities, which are authentically certified by quality management organisations, are tangible proofs that OUTDO can meet this growing interest, and soon to be a necessity of the business environment.


 With the existing capability of OUTDO to cater to these highly essential industries and with more than 20-year experience in the power solutions business of the people behind EQUILAST this collaboration can definitely deliver what your enterprise needs.

*Courtesy of Zhangzhou Huawei Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Owns a 350,000 square metre manufacturing area
  • Employs over 2,000 people
  • Owns 3 wholly owned subsidiaries located in Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong
  • Certificate holder of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS180001
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified
  • Vast clientele from over 130 countries worldwide

OUTDO Industrial Battery Series

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery AGM Series

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery GEL Series