AGM VRLA Industrial Battery

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology design was invented in 1980, initially for military vehicles and UPS applications to address safety issues, lighten up the weight, and to improve efficiency of operations of the batteries. Inside an AGM battery is an absorbent glass mat that isolates negative from positive plates and this glass mat is consisted of fine glass fibres that absorbs the sulphuric acid, which blocks it from loosely flowing inside the battery thus preventing spill overs. The plates are tightly packed into each cell and put under a great pressure, this pressure allows the battery to have longer lifespan by controlling the discharge of plate material caused by cycling. All AGM type batteries are have a rectangular case which follows the standard specifications approved by the Battery Council International (BCI).

AGM Battery is:

  • Maintenance Free
  • Spill-proof through acid encapsulation in matting technology
  • High specific power, low internal resistance, responsive to load.
  • Up to 5x faster charge than with flooded technology
  • Better life cycle than with flooded systems
  • Water retention (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water).
  • Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction.
  • Stands up well to cold temperature.
  • Less prone to sulfation if not regularly topping charge
  • Has less electrolyte and lead than flooded version


  • Telecom base sites
  • Telecom central offices
  • Data center
  • Switchgear
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Off-grid power systems
  • UPS


Technical Specs and Models







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Technical Specs and Models

Technical Specs and Models


Technical Specs and Models






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Terminal Types

*Courtesy of Zhangzhou Huawei Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.


OUTDO OT7-12 (12V-7AH)

Dimension(mm): L=151 W=65 H=94

OUTDO OT9-12 (12V-9AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 151 W=65 H=94

OUTDO OT26-12 (12V-26AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 165 W=125 H=174

OUTDO OT44-12 (12V-44AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 196 W=166 H=173

OUTDO OT65-12 (12V-65AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 350 W=167 H=173

OUTDO OT80-12 (12V-80AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 260 W=168 H=212

OUTDO OT100-12 (12V-100AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 333 W=173 H=216

OUTDO OT150-12 (12V-150AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 484 W=170 H=241

OUTDO OT200-12 (12V-200AH)

Dimension(mm): L= 522 W=239 H=217