Outdo Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4)

The unceasing advancements in energy storage and the lowering of cost for renewable energy catapult various industries to search for more efficient ways on how to incorporate these developments into their business operations. One of the popular innovations is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, a low maintenance rechargeable battery that can deliver supreme back-up power.

Monitor Voltage, Capacity and Used days in Real time

LiFePO4 batteries are the enhanced type of lithium batteries, it is better in performance and safer for consumers and to the environment. It has a thermal and chemical stable composition which make it insusceptible to thermal runaway and safe when it reached its peak charge rate. LiFePO4’s phosphate cathode keeps the battery cool so it does not overheat or burn when an overcharge occurs. It has longer life cycle and can withstand high temperature without deteriorating its performance.

Another major concern for lithium chemistry batteries are the safety issues to users and to the environment. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries does not have toxic materials as compared to another/other lithium-based batteries, the lithium cobalt dioxide is a hazardous solution which can cause allergic reactions to the eyes and skin and can cause serious medical consequences when swallowed.

It is also a cheaper alternative to other lithium battery products because compared to cobalt, iron and phosphate are economical to produce, and since LiFePO4 does not contain toxic materials, manufacturers do not need to allocate more budget to purchase other machineries or equipment in order to recycle.

Fast Facts On OUTDO’S LiFePO4:

  • Intelligent product – has digital screen than can show battery status in real time; alarms automatically in case of battery malfunction
  • Environment friendly
  • Long shelf life
  • Deep discharge
  • Lightweight

Digital screen intelligent storage lithium battery

  • High heat resistant
  • Adoption of LiFePO4 cell— features Environmental-      friendliness, Long service life, deep discharge, lightweight high security
  • Fast charge and big current discharge—50A to charge,  120A to continuously discharge, 180A to peak discharge. The high-waterproof design—above IP66, meets the use at harsh environment.
  • Easy to use and maintain— can be installed in any direction.


Eco-friendly, non-corrosive liquid, no harmful heavy metals, Longer service life, twice than that of lead acid battery, Deep discharge, 100% deeply discharge, Lighter weight, only one-half that of lead acid battery High safety, LifeP04 cell material is superior stable

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